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Ivory in Antique and Period Jewelry

Long before the invention of modern plastics, jewelers used ivory in jewelry. Ivory in jewelry was popularized with Cook’s tours of the Paris Exposition starting in 1855. The Cook’s tours escorted English travelers to and from the Exposition, returning through Dieppe, an ivory carving center in France. Dieppe has been famous for ivory carving since the 17th century with 350 […]

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Overview of periods and styles

Overview of Periods and Styles (Select the image to enlarge the timeline.) Prior to the 20th century, the decorative arts were influenced and largely controlled by royalty. In practice, while countries like Great Britain were economically stable and governed over a number of countries, stylistic preferences came most often from the European continent, especially France and Italy. Those stylistic preferences […]

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Antique values

Personal property appraisers receive frequent calls where the caller wants to know what their antique or vintage items are worth. This is not a quick answer because the intended use dictates both the value you will use and the effective date of the appraisal. Let’s first define some values: Replacement Value “Replacement Value” has been defined as the “cost to […]

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Marks on pottery and porcelain

Not all antique and collectible pottery is marked. Since the identification of the manufacture can play a huge role in value, as a beginning collector, buying ceramics with a manufacturer’s name will make it easier to identify, date, and value various ceramics. There are no laws governing marks on ceramics. In practice, most manufacturers changed their marks when they added […]

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