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The Silent Maiden

The young girl represented in the alabaster bust still has a story to tell. Here serene expression and gentle smile are suggestive of a time in our history when Dutch and Flemish artists began to explore peasant life as an artistic theme in painting and sculpture. Although these themes were first popularized during the late Renaissance period from 1525 to […]

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Antique values

Personal property appraisers receive frequent calls where the caller wants to know what their antique or vintage items are worth. This is not a quick answer because the intended use dictates both the value you will use and the effective date of the appraisal. Let’s first define some values: Replacement Value “Replacement Value” has been defined as the “cost to […]

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The wish book

In 1886 a young man began selling watches to supplement his income as a railroad station agent.  He did so well that less than a year later he was able to quit his job and sell mail order watches and jewelry full time. In 1893, after acquiring a partner, he established the corporate name of Sears, Roebuck and Company. The […]

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The Uncollectibles

Terry Kovel gave an interview about items that are no longer collectible. Published in the March 15th, 2012 edition of Bottom Line Publications,  the article is titled “10 Collectibles NOT Worth Collecting Anymore”. Most are well-known areas to avoid for most collectors, dealers, and auction houses. There are a couple of areas that benefit from a more in-depth explanation. Franklin Mint silver […]

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From Fins to Memories – and Back Again

by Dan Perley I was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1955 as the North American auto industry was building towards what was perhaps its high-water mark, sometime between then and the 1959 model year.  Certainly, 1959 marked the maximum height of fins and of course Cadillac had the highest and most glorious of all, but as a young boy my […]

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