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The Silent Maiden

The young girl represented in the alabaster bust still has a story to tell. Here serene expression and gentle smile are suggestive of a time in our history when Dutch and Flemish artists began to explore peasant life as an artistic theme in painting and sculpture. Although these themes were first popularized during the late Renaissance period from 1525 to […]

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The Uncollectibles

Terry Kovel gave an interview about items that are no longer collectible. Published in the March 15th, 2012 edition of Bottom Line Publications,  the article is titled “10 Collectibles NOT Worth Collecting Anymore”. Most are well-known areas to avoid for most collectors, dealers, and auction houses. There are a couple of areas that benefit from a more in-depth explanation. Franklin Mint silver […]

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Engraved Prints

Print identification is a large study. What is presented here are some pointers to outline a few major identification and valuation tips for engraved prints. The Antiques Institute is offering a half day seminar on prints on June 16, 2018 if you would like more information on this topic. Follow the link for more information: Fine Art Prints There are many […]

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